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guest house

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the room

a place inspired by friends, nomads and adventurous souls that stands for a laid-back holiday experience in Uluwatu, Bali.




the living room

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the kitchen

celebrating some of the most authentic balinese typical dishes, [the kitchen] is open to our guests everyday until 4pm.

from the classic nasi or mie goreng to the cap cay and sate ayam.

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when in Bali

The island of Gods attracts visitors from all around the world, either for the paradise beaches or for the many temples

around the island.

Uluwatu area is known for its variety of surf spots along the laid-back area of Bali with some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia – one just 2 minutes walking distance from our guest house, the Padang Padang beach. More than a surf destination it is the perfect place if you are looking forward to relaxing and enjoy the sun.

Visiting the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple – one of the 6 mother temples - and watch the Kecak Dance is included in our to do cultural list. Sunsets can be watched from several spots in the surrounded area of our place.

Bali as a tropical Island located just 8 degrees south of the Equador has a tropical, warm and humid climate during all year.

The rainy season can be felt normally from September until February (mostly in December and January months) – but do not worry, although it is very unpredictable, when the rain comes it is normally just for a few hours and you can still enjoy the rest of a beautiful sunny day. If you do not feel like taking the risk, on the rest of the year – the Dry Season – Bali has to offer you the most perfect sunshine and weather.


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(0361) 3352203

JL. Labuhansait Pecatu No. 73 Padang-Padang

Badung, Bali, Indonesia

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